2502 Deep Sea Drive,
Freeport, TX 77541

(979) 233-1120


Port Freeport Docks

Docks & Facilities

Dock 1: Length 625 ft.
Dock 2: Length 625 ft.
Dock 3: Length 640 ft.
Dock 4: Rice Barges Only
Dock 5: Length 750 ft.
Dock 6: Length 900 ft.
Dock 7: Length 800 ft.
* Chiquita Fruit Co: Container Facility
* CMA: Container Facility
* Dole Fruit Co: Container Facility
* Weekly liner service to/from Central America.
Gulfstream Marine: Stevedoring
Horizon Terminal Services: Ro Ro Cargo
Ports America: Stevedoring
Mammoet: Heavy lift project cargo
Riviana Foods: Warehouse Spaces
Tenaris: Steel Products
Vulan Materials: Bulk Limestone
Warehouse Spaces:
Over 530,000 sq. ft. of enclosed warehouse space.
3 fully operational container facility yards.
1 Grain Elevator / Grain Loading Arm Dock #3
Over 496,000 sq. ft. of open storage yard.
Over 105 acres of improved staging area.
Rail Road Access:
Direct line into Transit Sheds 1 and 1A and Riviana Foods.
Gottwald 280 E Mobile Harbor Crane:
Lifting Capacity: 110 short tons at a radius of 71 ft.
39 short tons at a radius of 147 ft.
Fully automatic telescopic spreader for containers.
20, 40, 43, & 45 foot containers.

Dock 6 Vulcan Materials:

Self unloading bulk discharging dock
Actual dock is 2 barges moored to five (5) offshore dolphins
Fenders are four (4) 12 x 12 wood beams attached to side of barge


Maximum size vessel: 820 ft.
Maximum beam: 145 ft.
Maximum draft: 42 ft.

Recommended Mooring Arrangements:
All lines are run by line boat (LINE BOAT REQUIRED)
     4 headlines go ashore
2 fwd spring lines go to fwd dolphin
2 aft spring lines go to aft dolphin
4 stern lines go to hooks ashore
Ships gangway required
All movements are daylight restricted.
Dock 6 must be clear for all movements at Dock 7

Dock 7 Velasco Terminal:

Maximum size vessel: 820 ft.
Maximum beam: 145 ft.
Maximum draft: 42 ft.
Air draft under arms: 143 ft.
2-ZPMC Post Panamax Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes
SWL 75 tons; Reach 150ft (18 rows of containers wide)
Lifting capacity: 18 container reach 50, 65, 75 safe working load
Mooring bollards
Spaced 50 ft. apart
SWL of bollards 100 tons
Recommended Mooring Arrangements:
4 headlines and 4 stern lines
2 fwd and aft spring lines
All lines run by heaving lines
Ships gangway required
Vessels greater than 750 ft. LOA or SWL or 107 ft. beam are daylight restricted.