2502 Deep Sea Drive,
Freeport, TX 77541

(979) 233-1120


Master Pilot Exchange Information

This information shall serve as a supplement to the Master / Pilot exchange (MPX) conference held prior to your transit upon the Freeport Ship Channel.  The vessel is to operate at all times in strict compliance with all Federal and State statutes and regulations. Particular attention should be paid to manning and operating equipment requirements. Any questions should be directed to U.S.C.G..  Any deficiencies should be brought to the immediate attention of the Pilot.  In order to provide your vessel the safest possible transit, I will require the following:

1. Completed IMO standard Pilot Information Card to include, at minimum:
    a: Draft fore and aft, air draft and freeboard.
    b: Type of propulsion, steering gear, and thrusters.
    c: Main propulsion maneuvering speeds, characteristics and limitations.
    d: Astern power limitations and characteristics.
    e: Gyro Compass error.
    f: Any other pertinent navigational information including non-operational navigational equipment.

2. I require one lookout on the bow with a radio and one lookout on the bridge.

3. I require an anchor detail manning the anchors at all times, and for them to stay in radio contact with the bridge during the entire transit.

4. I require systems required by 33 CFR 164.25 to be tested and proven to be in good working order before transit begins.

5. I require that the vessel be properly manned as per USCG standards.

6. I require that the vessel  monitor channels 16 and 14 during the transit.

Freeport has a very short transit from pilot station to berth. Please have all deck personel on deck and ready to work, stations manned, and engines ready to maneuver when the pilot boards. Courses and speeds will be variable throughout the passage, expect to be making up tugs shortly after the pilots boarding.

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