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Boarding Instructions

The pilot boarding station is located one mile south east of the “FP” buoy.

Latitude 28°  52.5 N
Longitude 95°  14.2 W

Pilot Boarding Station

Latitude 28°  52.5 N
Longitude 95°  14.2 W

Port Freeport

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Brazosport Pilot’s Fleet:

Brazos Pilot – 64 ft LOA
Freeport Pilot 1 – 60 ft LOA

Both vessels have a black hull and a white superstructure.  The word “PILOT” is printed in large black letters on the side of the superstructure.

Vessels are requested to contact the pilot boat one hour before pilot boarding on VHF channel 14 for pilot ladder instructions.

Brazos Pilot pilot ladder should be rigged 3 meters above the water line
Freeport Pilot 1 pilot ladder should be rigged 2.5 meters above the water line

If the vessel’s freeboard is more than 9 meters, a combination ladder is required.  The pilot ladder should be located at amidships, NO man ropes and NO boat ropes shall be utilized.

Boarding speed will be 8-10 knots.

Ships with freeboard of 9 meters or less

Ships with high freeboard and no side door