2502 Deep Sea Drive,
Freeport, TX 77541

(979) 233-1120


Zone 5

Upper Turning Basin to the Stauffer Turning Basin (Freeport Launch & all berths up river of Freeport Launch)


FP Buoy to Beacon 12


Beacon 12 to Beacon 20


Beacon 20 to Stauffer Channel


Upper Turning Basin to Brazos Harbor Turning Basin


Upper Turning Basin to the Stauffer Turning Basin

Zone 5 Information

    1. Vessel Dimensions 
      1. Maximum Length – 300ft (91.435m) 
      2. Maximum Beam – 75ft (22.858m) 
      3. Maximum Channel Depth – 16ft (4.876m) 
      4. *Recommended Operating Draft – 14ft (4.266m) fresh water 
    2. Pilotage Requirements 
      1. Special Services/Operations (waiver required) apply to vessels: 
        1. Length >300ft (91.435m) 
        2. Beam >75ft (22.858m) 
        3. Draft >14ft (4.266m) 
        4. Unusual types of floating equipment, vessels with restricted visibility and/or extreme freeboard, vessels that have unusual maneuvering characteristics, vessels underpowered or vessels pilots deem needed to maneuver safely 
        5. Shifting vessels without power 
        6. Vessels leaving the ship channel 
    3. Daylight Restrictions & Night Transits 
      1. Daylight restricted vessels are: 
        1. Length >300ft (91.435m) 
        2. Beam >75ft (22.858m) 
        3. Draft >14ft (4.266m) 
        4. Barges being towed on the wire **barge must be manned prior to pilot boarding 
        5. Dead ship movements 
        6. Vessels judged by the pilot unsafe for handling after dark will be daylight restricted 
    4. Tug Assistance Recommendations 
      1. This area is too shallow for the tractor tugs to operate, any vessel arriving or departing must make special arrangements for tugs with shallow draft <14ft (4.266m) to do the maneuver safely 
      2. Recommended minimum horse power for push boat is 900hp