(979) 233-1120



Phillips 66 Docks

Terminal Supervisor: 979-239-4427
Terminal Main Operator: 979-239-4190
Total Number of Docks: 3
Dock #2: Crude oil, VGO, LPG*
Dock #3: Chemicals, clean oil, LPG*
Dock #4: Barge dock, clean oil, chemicals
Projected depth alongside is 41 ft
Dock #2: Vessels berth terminal option
Dock #3: Vessels berth with the vapor line outbound.
(vapor line aft of manifold – portside to; vapor line fwd of manifold – stbd side to)
*LPG vessels: Dock starboard side to unless otherwise directed by the terminal.
Recommended mooring arrangement: 3 Head lines
3 Stern Lines
2 Breast lines
2 Spring Lines
Loading Arm: Crude oil loading arm is 16 inches
Chemical loading arm is 10 inches
LPG loading arm is 12 inches
Shore side gangway is provided. Daylight restrictions apply to vessels
with a LOA greater than 750 feet or freshwater draft greater than 36.5 feet fresh water.