Terminal Supervisor: Bruce Reed
  Freeport, Texas 77542  
Terminal Main Operator:979-239-4190
Total Number of Docks: 3  
Dock #2 Used for crude oil only  
Dock #3 Used for chemicals and clean oil only
Dock #3  Chemical barge berth  

Made for vessels 500 feet to 820 feet LOA.
Maximum Draft alongside is 40 feet.    
Dock #2 Vessels berth port side to.  
Dock #3 Vessels berth with the vapor line outbound
  (If vapor line is aft of manifold - port side to)
  (If vapor line is fwd. of manifold - stdb side to)
Required mooring arrangement:    
  3 Head lines/Stern lines  
  2 Breast lines forward and aft
  2 Spring lines forward and aft
Usually only one loading arm is connected:    
  Crude oil loading arm is 16 inches
  Chemical loading arm is 10 inches
Shore side gangway is provided.    
Total length of dock is 1000 feet.    
Typical discharge time is 24 hours.    
Daylight restrictions apply to vessels with a LOA greater than 750 feet. See daylight restrictions section.    
Bunkering barge allowed alongside.    

phillips dock