Vessel Dimensions:

  Maximum Length 820 ft. 249.9m
  Maximum Beam 145 ft. 44.2m
  Recommended Draft* 42 ft. 12.8m
(Please refer to "Latest News" on our home page for the most up to date recommended draft)

Draft Restrictions:

  Navigable Channel
    Project Depth 45 ft. 13.7m
    Recommended depth varies based on 3 ft. UKC
  Brazos Harbor and BASF Channel
    Maximum Draft 36 ft. 10.9m
  Old River Channel    
    Maximum Draft 15 ft. 4.5m

Special Cases:
Oversized, excessive draft or unusual type vessels will be handled on a "per job" basis with a one-time waiver to the Basic Operating Procedures.  These vessels will be billed under "special services" and will be by "specific agreement" prior to the move.  Pilots reserve the right to deny movement of any vessel during times of excessive wind, excessive current or on times of low water.


 Full and complete Basic Operating Procedures can be found here